We may have had to wait a year for it to finally kick off, but the European Championships are now fast approaching!

You’ll be able to watch all of the action this summer at The Phoenix, and live sport wouldn’t be the same unless it was paired with our famous chicken wings, delicious burgers and array of expertly poured craft beers.

The tournament kicks off on 11th June and runs all the way through until 11th July, so there’s plenty of opportunities to re-kindle the love of watching live sport in the pub with your mates.

As always, we will be ready and waiting to welcome you to watch the Euros so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the action unfold in the comfort of The Phoenix.

It feels like quite a while since we’ve been able to welcome you in on big game-days, and we can’t wait to see you again soon. Book your spot for all the action this summer and make sure you don’t miss a second.

Group stage fixtures

Friday 11th June

Group A: Turkey vs Italy (20:00, Rome)


Saturday 12th June

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (14:00, Baku)

Group B: Denmark vs Finland (17:00, Copenhagen)

Group B: Belgium vs Russia (21:00, St Petersburg)


Sunday 13th June

Group D: England vs Croatia (14:00, London)

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (17:00, Bucharest)

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (20:00, Amsterdam)


Monday 14th June

Every goal on Spain's road to EURO 2020

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (14:00, Glasgow)

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (14:00, Dublin)

Group E: Spain vs Sweden (20:00, Bilbao)


Tuesday 15th June

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (17:00, Budapest)

Group F: France vs Germany (20:00, Munich)


Wednesday 16th June

Group B: Finland vs Russia (14:00, St Petersburg)

Group A: Turkey vs Wales (17:00, Baku)

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (20:00, Rome)


Thursday 17th June

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (14:00, Bucharest)

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (17:00, Copenhagen)

Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (20:00, Amsterdam)


Friday 18th June

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (14:00, Dublin)

Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (17:00, Glasgow)

Group D: England vs Scotland (20:00, London)


Saturday 19th June

Every goal on Portugal's road to EURO 2020

Group F: Hungary vs France (14:00, Budapest)

Group F: Portugal vs Germany (17:00, Munich)

Group E: Spain vs Poland (20:00, Bilbao)


Sunday 20th June

Group A: Italy vs Wales (17:00, Rome)

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (17:00, Baku)


Monday 21st June

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (17:00, Amsterdam)

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (17:00, Bucharest)

Group B: Russia vs Denmark (20:00, Copenhagen)

Group B: Finland vs Belgium (20:00, St Petersburg)


Tuesday 22nd June

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (20:00, London)

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (20:00, Glasgow)


Wednesday 23rd June

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (17:00, Bilbao)

Group E: Sweden vs Poland (17:00, Dublin)

Group F: Germany vs Hungary (20:00, Munich)

Group F: Portugal v France (20:00, Budapest)

Last 16

Saturday 26th June

Group A runners-up vs Group B runners-up (17:00)

Group A winners vs Group C runners-up (20:00)


Sunday 27th June

Group C winners vs Third-placed side from Group D/E/F (17:00)

Group B winners vs Third-placed side from Group A/D/E/F (20:00)


Monday 28th June

Group D runners-up vs Group E runners-up (17:00)

Group F winners vs third-placed side from Group A/B/C (20:00)


Tuesday 29th June

Group D winners vs Group F runners-up (17:00)

Group E winners vs Third-placed side Group A/B/C/D (20:00)

Quarter Finals

Friday 2nd July

Game 6 winner vs Game 5 winner (17:00)

Game 4 winner vs Game 2 winner (20:00)


Saturday 3rd July

Game 3 winner vs Game 1 winner (17:00)

Game 8 winner vs Game 7 winner (20:00)

Semi Finals

Tuesday 6th July

Quarter-final 2 winner vs Quarter-final 1 winner (20:00)


Wednesday 7th July

Quarter-final 4 winner vs Quarter-final 3 winner (20:00)


Sunday 11th July

Team TBC vs Team TBC (20:00)